Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Andrew Bird: Plasticities

I've become a big fan of Andrew Bird over the last few months. He's a Northwestern grad with a bachelor's degree in violin performance. Besides vocals, he plays the violin, whistling, guitar and the glockenspiel. Check out his performance on Letterman and decide if you agree with me. I think the this song is great and it is on this past January's monthly mix, The Whiskey's Waiting. He has continued to make each subsequent mix this year thus far.

we'll fight we'll fight
we'll fight for your music halls
and dying cities

they'll fight they'll fight
they'll fight for your neural walls
and plasticities
and precious territory


Luke said...

I haven't been able to be a fan. I didn't know he was a Wildcat though. Some NU grads are making a splash in the music world these days. Josh Radin is an NU alum too. Unfortunately, I can't get into either of them. I'll stick with my NU actor/entertainer fandom I guess.

Anonymous said...

good stuff???

Anonymous said...

check out a band called "EPO-555"...album called "Dexter Fox"...You would really enjoy it...

Josh Gentry said...

I have the album, "Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire." Has some good stuff on it.

wilablog said...

Yeah, I have a few tracks off that album that I really enjoy. Pretty unique style.