Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monthly Mix: The Whiskey's Waiting

The Whiskey's Waiting (January 2007 mix) spent a long time in "production." Not quite sure why...just kind of busy. Looking at the number of new songs I had in the original January playlist I see another factor. 201 songs to pick from. Of those 201, here are the 20 that made my final cut. Grab the available tracks while you can. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until my Roxio stops crashing every time I try to burn a copy. Then you'll have to wait for me to get to the Post Office.

Race For The Prize (Remix) ‡ The Flaming Lips
Grass ‡ Page France
Phantom Limb ‡ The Shins
Children of December ‡ The Slip
Queen Of The Surface Streets ‡ Devotchka
Diablo Rojo ‡ Rodrigo y Gabriela
Marianao ‡ Ska Cubano
Dashboard ‡ Modest Mouse
A Real Realizer ‡ Missing Numbers
Plasticities ‡ Andrew Bird
Flowers in the Window ‡ Travis
Lay And Love ‡ Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Valley Winter Song ‡ Fountains Of Wayne
However Many Takes It Takes ‡ Vandaveer
Headache ‡ Frank Black
Sorry ‡ Youth Group
Take A Chance ‡ The Magic Numbers
Ruby ‡ Kaiser Chiefs
Amsterdam ‡ Peter Bjorn and John
Baby's Romance ‡ Chris Garneau

Uploaded Track Commentary: If you enjoy guitar, be sure to check out the Rodrigo y Gabriela track. In the lingo of my job shadows, it is "tight." The finger picking in this tune is on fire. Combine it with the percussion (made not with drums but with their hands hitting the guitar body) and I dare you sit perfectly still with this tune turned up loud. The Kaiser Chiefs are a band introduced to me via my friend Brent and the track Ruby is just a blast to sing to when the chorus hits. Devotchka fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, and Mariachi music with American punk and folk roots. Yea. Worth checking out. This song has some great strings in it. I go turned onto this band via an article in the January edition of Paste.


Luke said...

Love the mix title. "Tight" is one word for this guitar duo of Rodrigo y Gabriella. "Unf__ing believable" is another description. I saw them on Leno, of all places, and the percussive stuff they do along with amazing picking is even more impressive to when you can see what they are doing while listening. Great stuff.

Luke said...

Can't pass it up. That Leno performance can be found on YouTube. Rodrigo, at least on this Leno performance, is flatpicking and that is impressive enough, but the picking/percussive thing that Gabriella does throughout is out of this world.

wilablog said...

Thanks for the link. My jaw drops watching that. I knew you would like the title :-)

wilablog said...

BTW: Can you take a guess at what the cover image is?

some girl on the cape said...

I have to ask--

Is "the whiskey" a code name that you and your wife have for me?

wilablog said...

That's classic. No, not a nickname. BTW, your Dec mix was put in the mail yesterday. For some reason, she didn't put a Jan copy in that envelope. You'll have to take that up with her....or I can just send it when I get out the post office again.

SINEDDIE said...

frank black.....are you finally into the pixies dude?
good stuff!

wilablog said...

Not sure how the Frank Black song made the playlist. It's just a random old school addition. Good tune though.

Some Girl on the Cape (aka The Whiskey) said...

Yay for the December mix!!

As for the January mix, will you please send one to me the next time you go to the PO?

Thank you much!!