Thursday, February 15, 2007

US MNT vs Mexico, First Hand Account

In case you don't read comments, WUdescendant finally posted his field report on the US vs Mexico game. Here it is verbatim:

My quick perspectives about the USA v Mexico match from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona:

-Mexico was the better team that evening, but like many soccer games I have seen or participated in the better team did not prevail. The soccer gods are funny that way.

-Although Landon had an electrifying goal and a game-winning assist, Landon played horrible. Forwards need to do more than just score goals, like keep possession. He lost possession several times, appeared too-light on his feet when he made physical contact with the opponent, and seemed lethargic when he lost the ball.

-Gooch (Oguchi Onyewu) will not be a solution to our woes in the back.

-Thank goodness for Tim Howard. He was the man of the match, along with Bornstein (we need more defenders like this, not Gooch).

-The atmosphere was amazing, even though 90% of the fans were for the better team that evening. There were pockets (10-20) of USA fans around the stadium, and I was in one of them. During the entire game, my pocket of fans (the men’s team I play for) and another pocket of USA fans “battled” the Mexican fans all around us. Although we yelled some harsh things at each other during the match, at the end of the game everyone cordially said, “Good game.”

Ok. So I gotta ask. I get the sense that WUD is not only, not a Gooch fan, but actually dislikes him. Why is that? I'm glad you like Bornstein and Howard.

Thanks for the report WUD. I really wish we could have been there - sounds like it was worth the price of admission. It also sounds like you are hooked. See you in South Africa!

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