Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is a long overdue post. I get a lot of traffic to this site related to Wallbangers and Fatheads. For some reason, the Wallbanger commercial on FSC is really fun for me to watch. I have to assume it has to do with the British man saying: Stick the action where you want.

I would contrast this commercial with what I think are some really weak Fathead commercials that were airing during the NFL season. In general I thought they were pretty lame.

Either way, I made a claim in this post that Fatheads were a rip-off of Wallbangers. It appears that someone from Fatheads picked up on this and has corrected me. The purpose of this post is to clear the air and spread the word. Fatheads came first. To see the correction, check out the comments in the referenced post. Sorry Mike - and thanks for the correction.


rc said...

Funny how Fathead morphed into Wallbanger. I am leaving this one alone for fears of being censored.

Mike said...

Appreciate the posted correction. Sorry you didn't like the Chad and Ben spots, hpefully you'll like our new spots better.

wilablog said...

Looking forward to the new spots. Especially if they include MLS players. I mean, you got Beckham out there now...it's just a matter of time. He's got the accent and everything.