Monday, December 04, 2006

Fat Head Wallbangers

I am watching Monday Night Football and the Fathead commercial hits. Did you see it? It is a total rip off of Wallbangers! Without the British accent and with a crappy name! The website for Fatheads may have more variety though. For my loyal readers:
  • Retired: There's a Vader Fathead. Don't let your son see this website.
  • Sineddie: The Dallas Cheerleaders are on here. Buy one.
Note that Fatheads are $35 more expensive then Wallbangers. Now, if I was an true American advertiser, I would combine the Dallas cheerleaders with Wallbangers and pull a major entrepreneurial coup.


SINEDDIE said...

is wallbanging with the fathead and a dallas cheerleader legal in the south?
just sounds dirty to me...

rc said...

They should make a wallbanger out of those 2 Carolina Cheerleaders that got it on in a bar bathroom. Now that's a wallbanger...or maybe a stallbanger.

Mike said...

Just a heads up...fathead has been around for over 2 years. It is wallbangers that decided to follow us and take on soccer players.

Fathead started with the NFL and now has product for the NBA, NASCAR, MLB, NHL and college sports.