Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back In Louisiana

We're back in LA and plan on spending the rest of the week doing house work. Christmas was awesome. Great company, food and family.

On the list for the week:

1. Paint the office
2. Clean the office
3. Receive and assemble new desk for the office
4. Meet with the blind (or window dressing) consultant
5. Clean for the maid company (don't ask)
6. Our first ever visit from a maid company
7. A couple's massage (you can ask but I may not answer)
8. Use up coupons to free movies that expire by the end of the year
9. Join a health club
10. Beginner's yoga for the first time
11. Physical therapy
12. Clean the "shed" in the car port
13. Meet with plumber and let him fix the leak in the guest bath
14. Paint the master bath
15. Lower expectations and make this list shorter

My wife's list may be longer...but I am already intimidated by this one.


SINEDDIE said...

that is an odd list...well maybe odd is not the right term.

you know i am going to ask...
maid service??????????????

hope all is well...happy new year...did you find the box from me on your porch??

retired said...

call me for a plumber if you don't have one.

rc said...

Maid Service. I actually resisted for a long time, since we live in an 1100 SF Condo and figured that we could / should be doing it ourselves. Then I gave in...what a great experience it has been. I shouldn't have waited so long. With all the hours people put into working, it is really nice to not have to spend 1/2 a Saturday cleaning. My wife also has us "clean up" for the cleaner. Confusing, I know.

SINEDDIE said...

people, people...
vacuming a room takes like 5 minutes....unless you want to move chairs and sofas....
of course i am not the right person to complain about the cleaning of a house...
do the maids still wear the cool little outfits?
i would like one dressed like "i dream of jeanie"....
maybe a maid service is the way to go...
can you watch them clean and drink a tastey beverage at the same time?

rc said...

But that is the amazing thing, they actually MOVE things when they clean. For instance, they actually move the lamp to dust, instead of dusting around it. Quite Amazing. With that said, I don't understand how dust can get UNDER a lamp anyway, but that is something you would have to take up with wifey.

Also, I hear that you can hire topless maids, and they come and clean your house topless. I kid you not, completely honest. I would search this for you, but I am at work, so not sure what would come up if I googled it. And yes, you watch them clean your house, topless, while you drink beer on the couch. Now imagine the better half walking in on that. "No honey, I got the maid for you, really..."

wilablog said...

The maid service came today. They wore outfits that had tops. They moved things, dusted, mopped, vacuumed, scrubbed baseboards, swept, washed, changed linens, etc. I think we may become a repeat customer.

Our clean up for the cleaner was strictly centered on the office which had papers all over the floor (the floor we wanted them to clean). I certainly hope that "cleaning for the cleaner" is a one time gig.

SINEDDIE said...