Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Am Looking For...

Search terms that have brought people to this blog in the last 6 weeks include following list below.

Looks like the US v Mexico game is almost as hot as Wallbangers or Castro. The castro/adidas story is funny. I posted about Castro signing a deal with Adidas and this Spanish website ended up linking a post back to me - click here to translate this for me. I can't really tell what they are saying.

portastatic be still please yousendit
the poor don't get shit on
city of falling angels
benjamin moore dry sage
castro adidas
jack kerouac
Astakos sacked
guard your honour let your reputation fall where it will and outlive the bastards
the highwaymen
mexico vs usa february 2007
us vs mexico february
mexico vs usa february 2007
usa vs. mexico february 2007 glendale
greg laswell
danny malone
you are the rake
weslaco life
krewe of xanadu
daschund animated gif
epl life size wall decals
giant soccer wall crests
wall banger fox channel
morningwood mercury commercial


Rosa J.C. said...

I'm the one who wrote that in Spanish. If you want, I can translate it for you. ;)

wilablog said...

Absolutely! That would be cool.

Rosa J.C. said...

Fidel's joggin suit
Although I don't know a word about "basque design/dreaming", it seems Fidel has started to wear a strange joggin suit. First time I saw him with a brand was in Oliver Stone's documentary. Then he was wearing a pair of nike basket snickers.
You can say what you want about the fact, I think he doesn't receive any money for this, but we found pictures in which he was wearing that suit in 2002.
Will adidas feel any change in his consumers? Will they sell more?

wilablog said...

Thanks Rosa! Mystery solved.