Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bradley Call His Camp Roster

Bradley is all over the news today...calling in his first MNT camp roster. I'm happy to see Jaqua, Conrad, Namoff, Eskandarian made the list. Check out the list from Yanks Abroad. I think it is funny to see some noted as MLS and some as USA. Anyone know why that may be?


Cannon, Joe Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)
Guzan, Brad Chivas USA (MLS)
Perkins, Troy DC United (MLS)
Reis, Matt New England Revolution (MLS)


Albright, Chris Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)
Boswell, Bobby DC United (USA)
Bornstein, Jonathan Chivas USA (USA)
Conrad, Jimmy Kansas City Wizards (MLS)
Namoff, Bryan DC United (USA)
Parkhurst, Michael New England Revolution (USA)
Pearce, Heath FC Nordsjælland (Denmark)
Robinson, Dasan Chicago Fire (USA)
Robinson, Eddie Houston Dynamo (USA)


Beckerman, Kyle Colorado Rapids (MLS)
Carroll, Brian DC United (MLS)
Clark, Ricardo Houston (MLS)
Dempsey, Clint New England Revolution (MLS)
Donovan, Landon Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)
Josh Gros DC United (USA)
Kljestan, Sacha Chivas USA (USA)
Mapp, Justin Chicago Fire (MLS)
Mastroeni, Pablo Colorado Rapids (MLS)
Mullan, Brian Houston Dynamo (USA)
Noonan, Pat New England Revolution (MLS)


Cooper, Kenny FC Dallas (USA)
Eskandarian, Alecko DC United (USA)
Jaqua, Nate Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)
Rolfe, Chris Chicago Fire (MLS)
Twellman, Taylor New England Revolution (MLS)


rc said...

I like the young guys, that's the way to go. I am curious to see how Donovan will now perform as the "veteran" of the program, already appearing in 2 World Cups.

This roster also highlights what I see as a major problem with the MLS, and that is the fact that it is not aligned with the international soccer calendar. If we were, then transfer windows woudl make sense for the MLS, international fixture dates would not be a huge issue, major tournaments would not be in the middle of the MLS regular season. There is a long list of reasons to align the schedules.

Originally, it made sense to play soccer in the summer. The football stadiums where the teams played were not being used, so it gave a chance for these stadium owners to create some extra revenue. There is less competition for TV, as baseball is the only game in town in the summer. But now, I woudl hope the MLS has a good enough fan base, and a growing number of teams with thier own stadiums, to switch to the international calendar.

By doing that, we avoid these MLS National Team Camps (which is really like a B National Camp), and the lack of continuity we continually suffer by not having the full team available at the same time very often.

Anyway, the MLS roster caused that rant...

wilablog said...

I am expecting good things from Donovan. I think that the last WC was definitely not his shining moment but that given the chance, he will use it as motivation. Of course, that's just me superimposing a personality on a total stranger.

Your complaints about the schedule do not fall on deaf ears. I wonder what that effect would be on the fan base if the season switched. Like you, I would like to believe the MLS fan base is now a core fan base and not just looking to fill up their sporting calendar.

It's been a huge topic following the world cup so I believe the idea may be gaining momentum...in about 5- 10 years...