Friday, December 22, 2006

Photos of the Year has a cool Photo of the Year gallery up that has some pretty interesting images. The range of sports is pretty amazing in and of itself. I grabbed one of the two soccer images that they had. The other was Jan Koller scoring on Keller in the World Cup and I figure there is no need to relive that one.

This photo is of Peter Crouch, who plays for Liverpool in England. Crouch is a long tall lanky forward who is really fun to watch when he plays. Great in the air and does a great robot celebration when he scores. I don't think England played him nearly enough during the last World Cup. If he is still around in 2008, perhaps they'll rectify that situation.


rc said...

Crouch is so skinny, I honestly had to take a close look at the picture to determine what was a leg, and what was an arm, since they are about the same thickness.

wilablog said...

too right. he is 6'7". but the guy is damn good. deceptively good due to his appearance of having poor coordination followed by the ability to score some seriously nice goals.