Thursday, December 14, 2006

Didier Yves Drogba Tébily

The NYT interviewed Didier Drogba recently and it is an interesting read. I love watching him play and cannot imagine how intimidating it would be to line up opposite from him. Some of his statements that I felt gave me some insight into his character follow.

On his ego:
"I’m not this kind of person to say I am the best. It is not for me to say. It is for the journalists and the fans of football. The game is a collective sport, not an individual sport. Look at a sport like tennis: it is easier to say that the best is Roger Federer. But in football, a striker cannot score alone. You need balls to come to you to perform. You can be the best striker, but if they don’t give you the ball it is difficult to perform."

On leaving Chelsea:
"But you always are thinking about fitting in with the best club and for me that club was Chelsea and with Jose [Manager Jose Mourinho]. He always has given me confidence and that is very important to me. Leave Chelsea? There’s just no point."

On American Soccer:
"What I really like about the States is that it is a very different culture. Who knows, maybe after my career I will go there to try something. In terms of football, I think it has improved a lot since the first time I was there four years ago. I like this team D.C. United. They are good and strong. And that young boy [Freddy] Adu is very good."


Anonymous said...

From rc - Had a reputation as being quite the diver in the EPL, but he seems to have cleaned up his act. This guy can flat out play. Big / Strong / Fast / Skillful. He reminds me alot of another African player, George Weah, from Liberia, who was one of the greatest forwards of all time. He played for AC Milan. Same type of smoothness.

wilablog said...

I remember Weah. He was talented as well. But yeah, Drogba is on my dream team these days. Nose for the goal, seems to be built like an ox, and apparently may have a great team attitude.