Monday, December 11, 2006

Pick Your Wallbanger

"The biggest thing to ever hit your wall!"

Repetition works if it is with an English accent. If I had $150 bucks to burn would I have a Ballack or a Terry on my wall? Not sure yet. The Wallbanger phenomena gets bigger and bigger. Not satisfied with the current selection of possible EPL Wallbangers? You can go vote and get your team on the product list by emailing the company at Start the spam now for your life size Pele in a Cosmos uniform. If you are really vested with me, email Fatheads too (

Wallbangers has already built up a list of possible selections that are next in line. So go here and make sure the US Women's National Team becomes the next Wallbanger hit. That's right, the women's team is on the list and the US MNT is not. Good times.

Catch up on Wallbangers here and here.

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