Sunday, December 10, 2006


This past weekend I was at a Christmas party and had a very casual and everyday exchange with someone who knows enough about me to know when I go on vacation, but probably does not know enough about me to know what I do for a living. A casual acquaintance, a casual encounter. We had a basic conversational exchange that probably made no major impression on either of us at the time. However, upon reflection, I think the exchange was really interesting and shows some subtle differences on world views.

We were talking about the chance Carlee and I had to go to the World Cup this past summer in Germany. Here is the two sentence exchange that I consider thought provoking.

Him: You guys were really blessed to go to those games in Germany.
Me: Yea, we were really lucky to get tickets.


rc said...

Didn' you go to SAINT Joes? C'mon, you have to believe it was divine intervention that got you the tix...

wilablog said...

Point taken. And I have to admit that there were probably a few moments where I was praying for the tickets after we faxed in our response to US Soccer.

This particular exchange was almost an automatic response from me...and it is enlightening to notice that my default assumption is "luck."