Thursday, December 07, 2006

Klinsmann Fired!


rc said...

Replaced by Bob Bradley, temporarily. Unbelievable. What a waste of time.

wilablog said...

It will be interesting to read about this press conference later this afternoon. The phrasing for the press conference announcement is: "U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati has scheduled a conference call for Friday afternoon to make an important announcement regarding the search for the next MNT head coach."

"" was a term that I think Du Nord picked out and mentioned as a suspicious way to phrase this.

Retired said...

What a joke! I saw Bradley totally loose his cool and composure after loosing to the Dynamo this year. I think he tried to pick a fight with the refs as the police escorted him out! Once again US soccer is the laughing stock of the world!

rc said...

At this point, "search" can be replaced by "scramble" since that is all we will be doing now.

The US has not played on any of the internation fixture dates since the World Cup, there is tons of talent that is not being brougt together, we play Denmark in a month (Denmark has a European Championship from 96 (i think) under thier belt, so the US has the potential to be completely embarrased), and now Bradley.

Don't get me wrong, Bradley is a good coach. He did incredible things at Princeton when he was there (Final 4 w/ an Ivy League school is impressive), won with the Fire, flamed out with the Metrostars, and a so so job with Chivas so far, but he is in no way th caliber of coach required for the national team in my opinion, even if it is for only 6 months as the interim coach.

Remember, Steve Sampson was an interim coach after Bora, took the team to Copa America, went to the Semifinals, and he was offered the job after that. Are we seeing a repeat of history?

wilablog said...

What was your nickname in College? Stat Rat? Man that was "nail on the head" good. I wish I had a nose for stats like you. In genera (while I cannot back it up with stats and history), I have to agree that the idea of an interim coach is just a waste of time. We need to be building a program and I don't think the interim concept works when you need to build.

Random factoid: I think my dad was trained by Bob Bradley in some coaching clinics and was a big fan of him.