Friday, December 08, 2006

I Stand Corrected - New Pearl Jam

I stand corrected. In new Pearl Jam news, go here and check out this tune (again courtesy of I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS). This is a cover of a Israel Kamakawiwo'ole tune called Hawai'i 78. Drums, Piano, very little guitar, and Eddie doing his thing. It's the best "new" Pearl Jam I have heard in years. Iz plays a great cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow that is up there on the mix Carlee and I made for our wedding. Song snippet follows.

How would he feel
would his smiles be content
rather then cry
cry for the gods, cry for the people
cry for the lands that were taken away
and in it you'll find Hawaii

1 comment:

SINEDDIE said...

it's good because it sounds like MOTHER LOVE BONE.
I took the time to download this track...only took 15 minutes.
neat,neat, neat neat....