Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When You Are in a Wall

So I was watching the MLS a while back and Eric Wynalda was criticizing the guys in the wall on a free kick for not jumping. I never jump. I was taught to never jump. I was confused that Wynalda would declare that jumping was a must.

Tonight, watching Barcelona defend the Champions League, I think I was proven right. See picture below. Who should I trust, Ronaldinho (as he passes the ball under the wall to score today)? Or Wynalda (as he adds his tired, superior comments to a broadcast)?


rc said...

Wynalda is a washed up forward who never really amounted to anything and scored a majority of his goals against CONCACAF opponents. He wouldn't even see the field if he were playing today.

You NEVER jump. If anything, you are taught to get up on the tippy toes to make yourself bigger. But you don't let the ball under you. I certainly agree Mr. Labar.

wilablog said...

Glad someone out there can verify my belief. Of course, that picture is worth 1000 words by itself.

SINEDDIE said...

duh....if you jump, the kicker can kick a low lazer and create a pinball effect ...right into the goal...because the goalie will have no idea, whats so ever, where the hell the ball is going...
so says the ex goalie sineddie
1982 all-star baby!!!!