Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Name Dropping with Bob Bradley

USA Today has an interview posted with Bob Bradley. The majority of the interview consists of some very safe comments regarding his interim status, his relationship with Bruce and whether or not he will pick his son for the national team. However, he drops some names when asked about goal scorers and I like the names he is dropping.

"There are players when you look at MLS who have made their mark scoring goals — Taylor Twellman, Ante Razov. The most impressive about Josy Altidore was that in the latter part of the season for the Red Bulls is that he scored goals for his team. You want to look at which players now can score goals at the next level. Not all great goal-scorers in the domestic leagues around the world are great goal-scorers internationally. There's not an automatic transition. Another player in our league who has scored goals, and great goals at sometimes, is Alecko Eskandarian (D.C. United)."

We need new blood on this team and it appears that in addition to retirement, maybe Bob will bring in some changes. Granted, he also mentioned Ching (I took that name out) but I am not sold on him at the moment.

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