Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Belated: US MNT vs. Mexico

I have a couple thoughts that I need to put out there related to this game before I forget them.

  • Despite our height and and strong keeper in the back, we seem to be really shaky on crosses. In general, I feel us stuttering when a flighted ball is sent in the box. Call it intuition I guess, because I don't have much to back this up with...but if I were Bob Bradley, I would be looking to work on this aspect of our game.
  • Even though that score ended up 2-0, how lucky were we? My overwhelming feeling of hindsight is that we were extremely lucky to not walk out of there with a bloody mess.
  • That Mexican goalie needs to be fined and suspended for trying to spear Johnson while celebrating our goal. Has that happened? And if not, why not? Seriously, that was pathetic. Top it all off with the Mexican team refusing to trade jerseys and I have to say that that would have been one day that I would have been embarrassed of my team no matter well they played.
Ok. I cashed my 2 cents. Now, my brother was at that game and I am disappointed that he has yet to weigh in. So here is me casting the bait and hoping to hear an interesting story from him about what it was like to be there.


rc said...

Mexico looked like the better team, but what a bunch of sore loosers. It is one thing to play hard, and tackle hard, etc. Bottom line is goals in the net. Why can't Landon play every game like it's against Mexico?

WUdescendant said...

My quick perspectives about the USA v Mexico match from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona:

-Mexico was the better team that evening, but like many soccer games I have seen or participated in the better team did not prevail. The soccer gods are funny that way.

-Although Landon had an electrifying goal and a game-winning assist, Landon played horrible. Forwards need to do more than just score goals, like keep possession. He lost possession several times, appeared too-light on his feet when he made physical contact with the opponent, and seemed lethargic when he lost the ball.

-Gooch (Oguchi Onyewu) will not be a solution to our woes in the back.

-Thank goodness for Tim Howard. He was the man of the match, along with Bornstein (we need more defenders like this, not Gooch).

-The atmosphere was amazing, even though 90% of the fans were for the better team that evening. There were pockets (10-20) of USA fans around the stadium, and I was in one of them. During the entire game, my pocket of fans (the men’s team I play for) and another pocket of USA fans “battled” the Mexican fans all around us. Although we yelled some harsh things at each other during the match, at the end of the game everyone cordially said, “Good game.”

BTW…our men’s team (Zanjeros) finished 12th out of @50 teams in the Silver Mug Invitational Soccer Tournament in Las Vegas, NV. We advanced out of our group and into the Sweet Sixteen with a 3-1-1 record. We beat teams from OR, NV, and CA. The win against the CA team, Doxia Italia, was a two-time tournament champion. We tied another team from CA and lost to another team from NV.

In the Sweet Sixteen, we got beat by a team from CA (Latin America). Although it was the sixth game in two days for us and them, they were still flying around like it was the first game of the tournament. Latin America lost in the finals to Durango, which is a CA team that is run by a guy who won the lottery and funds everything (uniforms, travel, vans, warm-ups, etc…).

Most importantly, due to our good finish we got an automatic invite for next year so clear your calendar and start training. The competition is a lot tougher than that photo on your “Kicking Off the Season” post. You’re going to love it.