Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Have you seen my...

It's been a long travel week for me and I am just getting past Wednesday. For some reason I keep experiencing major malfunctions as each day happens. The week started out great on Sunday with the two championship wins. Then I hopped on a plane and it went down hill.
  1. Flight from Houston to Virginia delayed by 2 hours, making my arrival time in Va 12:45 AM on Sunday night. My meeting the next day is at 8 AM.
  2. As I am dreading the fact that I need to iron my dress shirts the next morning, I realize an important fact: I left all my dress shirts at home. All I have is the t-shirt on my back after coaching and playing soccer all day.
  3. 2 AM: I pull into a Wal-Mart in northern Va looking to buy a new wardrobe. Closed.
  4. 2:30 AM: I go to bed.
  5. 5:30 AM: Wake up and go back to Wal-Mart which opens at 6 AM. Successfully buy wardrobe which I now have to iron the folded shirt lines out of.
  6. Tuesday night: Drive from VA to Trenton.
  7. Wednesday morning: Start to shave but have to stop...left my shaving cream in Va.
  8. Wednesday night: Leaving the office....but can't.
  9. Have you seen my rental car keys?
Needless to say. I'm a little tired these days but I decided to break my silence and play my tiny violin. There is not much left to lose tomorrow (knock on wood).


Anonymous said...

all i have to say is...dang!

Anonymous said...

Where was your wife - isn't she suppose to have you organized...............

love from arkansas