Friday, May 25, 2007

Sea Wolf - You're a Wolf

"Old gypsy woman spoke to me, lips stained red from a bottle of wine. " - Sea Wolf

Finally finished the April monthly mix tonight. Also packed up a bunch of March mixes and put your name on the envelope. Like I said. Finally. I'm going to refrain from posting the April track listing until I get over to the post office.

However, here's a track from the April mix called You're a Wolf by the band Sea Wolf. Yup, that's a cello.


SINEDDIE said...

ooh...i like have the cd?
there's a EPO-555 cd waiting for me to mail to you...

wilablog said...

Nope. Don't have the CD. I just stumbled onto them while surfing. This is the only song of theirs that I have at the moment.