Wednesday, December 05, 2007

That Guy

Tonight I was "that guy" for about 6 hours. I was that guy who loses his wedding ring on a business trip. I traced my steps back to the office at 10 PM, crawled around parking lots, peeked under couches in the lobby of the hotel, peered down elevator shafts, moved all of the furniture in my hotel room, dug through the drains of the hotel sink, contacted cleaning staff and grounds crew personnel, all with no luck.

...and then, I am headed to bed and decide to wash my hands. Clink. I drops from a towel. Sigh. Thank God I am no longer that guy. I am way too sentimental to just go out and buy a replacement. It would never be the same.


rc said...

I lost mine for 1 hour last month, and I was freaking out. It was the first cold day, putting on a jacket, slipped off onto the carpet, so no "ding!". All through dinner w/ Anna and my Parents I am a nervous wreck, wanting to search for this. Walk in the front door, there it is, right on the carpet.

The funny thing is, Anna kept saying, no bid deal, we will get you a new one. I am sentimental about this stuff too, I can count the number of times it has been off my hand since the wedding.

retired said...