Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Headlines of CNN

Yesterday was abnormal. There were two events on the headlines of CNN that impacted my day directly. That is definitely not a normal occurrence.

1. A train overturned in our town and forced the evacuation of over 3,000 people because hydrochloric acid leaked out of some of the overturned cars. Other chemicals in the cars, if mixed with that acid, apparently could have caused a major disaster. As it stands, people have been forced from their homes for up to two days. Luckily, we are outside of the impacted area. One of the players on my team was not and had to evacuate.

2. We were at a crawfish boil last night with about 6 people. One of the people at the boil was an extremely interesting and intelligent man. He seemed a little distracted though as he kept checking his Blackberry and forwarding messages on to various people. After a while, I learned the reason. Turns out he is the brother in law of Teddy Kennedy, who suffered from an apparent seizure earlier that morning.

Strange day.


SINEDDIE said...

1.Glad you are ok.

2. The weather seems to be , well, not so great down there of late.

3.Hanging out with the big wigs are we?

Retired said...

the police kicked me out of my office yesterday morning! I hope I can open tomorrow! My office is about 100 yards inside the evac zone!!!!!!

Luke said...

Susan told me about the train and hazmat situation. It made national news. My initial response was, "I sure hope Jozy is okay" :)

wilablog said...

Retired, You shouldn't be working on the weekend anyway!

SE, Indeed.

Luke, Glad to know our priorities are so closely aligned. :-)

The Whiskey said...

Oh no! I didn't know train crashed in LFT. Ack. Glad you guys are okay.

I did, of course, hear about Sen. Kennedy's seizure though, so I guess you know where I live now.

The Whiskey said...

Where exactly was the evacuation area, do you know?