Monday, May 26, 2008

Jozy and Elvis

Jozy had a play date with her friend Elvis at Moore Park today. The 2 dogs played for over an hour without one incident! Photographic proof of a happy dog play date is below.

After the traditional greeting and some exploration of the baseball field we were at, the two dogs squared off (for play, of course).

Jozy displayed her leaping ability, clearing Elvis in a single bound.

Elvis then displayed his courage and steadfastness, not flinching as Jozy decided to turn and charge.

The two meet in mid leap. And seriously, this was all fun and games for them. No growling or biting. I was amazed.

Elvis then gave chase. And around in circles they go.

The owners were tired out just from watching. So they stayed camped out in the dugout.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!


karen said...

Very funny pics. Love how your play date was color coordinated.

Carlee said...

We can't wait to see Maggie and Jozy out on the same field together...!