Friday, May 09, 2008

dry spells, hard times

I am sure you will agree that this is a fitting title. Enjoy.

1. Silent Sigh ** Badly Drawn Boy
2. Good Man ** Josh Ritter
3. Consequence ** The Notwist
4. Glue Girls ** Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin
5. Skylark ** Arrah and the Ferns
6. I Am John ** Loney, Dear
7. Closer ** Joshua Radin
8. The Girl ** City And Colour
9. Steady Rollin' ** Two Gallants
10. Night Mantra ** Renee & Jeremy
11. Your Arms Around Me ** Jens Lekman
12. Sinister In A State Of Hope ** Loney, Dear
13. Frankie's Gun! ** The Felice Brothers
14. Drawing Board ** Danny Schmidt
15. Country Caravan ** Blitzen Trapper
16. For Emma ** Bon Iver
17. Body In A Box ** City And Colour
18. Southern Comfort ** Arrah and the Ferns
19. Whiskey In My Whiskey ** The Felice Brothers
20. Cliff Song ** Danny Schmidt


SINEDDIE said...

once again....I only know a few bands on the mix. Of course I spent the weekend flipping between The Black Crows and Joy Divison.

The Whiskey said...

Excellent!!! Can't wait!! Yay.

mdeclouet said...

Personal favorites are "City and Colour" and "Lonely dear", and "Badly drawn boy". Thanks for the mix. Definitely worth the wait!

Riffle said...

Looks to be an intriguing listen! Am I on your mailing list?

wilablog said...

Riff, I'll add you to the list.

And I'll get the mailing out in the next week or so to everyone. The next Mix is in assembly already so hopefully I am back on track!