Monday, March 31, 2008

Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback - Night Mantra

I used to listen to Jeremy Toback (from Brad) a lot when I was in college but I have not been in touch with any of his music for a number of years now. While I was checking out the details of Sean Smith's new album (The Diamond Hand), I stumbled on the tune below which is Jeremy and a woman named Renee Stahl (who has an amazing voice) singing a song called Night Mantra from a children's album called It's a Big World. I think it sounds pretty damn good.

If you have never heard of Brad, you're missing one of the best Pearl Jam side projects around. Check out their song, The Day Brings below.

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Anonymous said...

I pulled out my Brad and Satchel cd's tonight...4/2/08.....They were so good.
Did you ever get the Brad vs. Satchel cd? Kind of cool as well.....worth checking out....many good tunes...