Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Border"-line Crazy

The last 2 days have been crazy and I will not do them justice just yet. Here are the cliff notes:
  • Barcelona game: Completely awesome. With 13 minutes left, Barca was down by 3 goals. In the second half, they put in their studs: Ronaldinho, Messi, Deco, Eto'o. It took a while for the impact to hit, but when it did, it hit fast. In 13 minutes they scored 3 goals. Ronaldinho did some things with the ball that gave me chills. It was really incredible to see these guys play in person.
  • We spent the night in Houston. We spent the next day shopping with leftover wedding gift certificates and now have a new coffee table and rug being delivered to the house. Cool deal.
  • Driving home from Houston, our front right axle (self diagnosed at the moment), gives out and the tire becomes so unstable that we cannot drive. Thus we end up on the LA/TX border for an hour waiting for a tow truck to take us home. Sights at the border include: a man playing golf at the rest stop, snakes, possum, locusts, what I suspect was a used car thief ring, and Carlee and myself playing soccer on the sidewalk.
  • Tow Truck: The driver (Jeremy) brings his girlfriend, leaving us no real seats so we get to sit scrunched up on the bed (that's right, I said bed) behind the two front seats.
  • Get home, brand new freezer has managed to break while we were out of town.
  • I can no longer fly with a bottle of water.
What's going to happen next?

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your wife said...

my favorite sight was the bird-sized grasshoppers...