Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Punk Rocker Inspiration

I was recently inspired by two random music finds and a comment to make a mix for my pal SINEDDIE.

Inspiration #1: The tune Punkrocker by a Swedish (Stockholm) band named the Teddybears. Go to their My Space page to check it out. It is pretty infectious. Kind of like a flu you don't want to get but when you do, and it keeps you home from work...you like it. Go on. Get sick. Their official website is here. SINEDDIE is an old school punk rocker so this song just makes me think of him when I hear it.

Inspiration #2: SINEDDIE got me into Billy Bragg a long time ago. I stumbled across a cover of Bragg's song A New England recently. If you are quick you can check it out here. The song is by a guy named Jonah Matranga and it is a pretty nice cover of that tune.

I think both tracks will make the August mix that is in the queue.

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SINEDDIE said...

thanks for the props....