Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bring on Soccer Season

Soccer season is in full swing for me.
  • The U-16 team I coach has started to practice a couple weeks ago. We are now scrimmaging various local teams. Today we played a U-17 team that we essentially demoralized after 35 minutes. By minute 40 the other team appeared to no longer want to be on the field, rain was imminent, and the ref just called the game. I think it was 4-0 when the whistle blew.
  • Adult co-ed sign up is in full swing. We had a team BBQ this past weekend at our new home. Chicken sausage, hamburgers, fruit salad, guacamole, registration and rain. What more could you ask for?
  • Men's 6v6 Fall season started today with 2 games. I'm sore.
  • Rumors of a co-ed 6v6 league surfaced for Thursday nights at 8 PM. Sign me up.
  • EPL is in full swing. Carlee is trying to turn me into a Reading fan.
Have you Picked my Kicks yet? If you haven't voted yet, go and do so. Here is the count:

Red kicks: 4 votes
Blue kicks: 3 votes
Lymon Ice kicks : 2 votes
Nike's suck: 1 vote


rc said...

Too colorful for you Will. Not that you are not an exciting individual, but I see you as the more traditional color type...the next thing you know you'll also be wearing the "grass" colored Puma cleats...please tell me you don't own them...

wilablog said...

I am _potentially_ insulted and am wondering if you are calling me boring. Your caveat of "Not that you are not an exciting individual" is falling on deaf ears...

I think I may interpret your vote as being for the Lymon/Ice Blue shoes!

...and nope, I don't own the green cleats. I do own silver ones though. I seem to be getting more liberal in old age.

Anonymous said...

well i think the gift giver should get TWO votes - so number 1 must be it

rc said...

Not an insult at all, just a statement to the level of traditionalism and class we all hold for you. But I do see that we all grow with the times, and if you have silver cleats, well then I guess even soccer dinosaurs like ourselves can also grow w/ the fashion trends.