Monday, August 28, 2006

Traditional Wetshaving?

So I have been talking about trying out 'traditional wetshaving' as opposed to my current Mach 3 approach for some time now. I get a good shave from the Mach 3 but I have a feeling that I would get some personal meditation time in on the mornings that I decided to go for the truly traditional route. Plus, rumor has it that this is best shave you can get on your own...Most likely, I would have to mix it up with my current routine because the traditional routine would probably take a little too much time some mornings.

It just so happens that Lifehacker posted an article on traditional wetshaving recently along with some YouTube videos to inform the dummies amongst us. I wonder if this is the straw that breaks the camel's back...

1 comment:

SINEDDIE said...

There is a REASON no men shave with a strait edge / razor blade metal razor any more!!!!
It's called...OOPS... I SLICED OFF MY EAR!!!!!
I use a Mach's does the job.
Hey if you like bloodloss....go with the BLADE.but be fore-warned!!!