Thursday, August 17, 2006

The most trusted name in AHHHH!

One of the best things the Daily Show puts out is the mocking of our major news sources, whether it be CNN or Fox or ABC. I have been a huge fan of Jon Stewart for a few years now and am just starting to mine the archives available over at You Tube. It helps when you need a good laugh.

This is a nice quick hit on CNN that I find really funny.

After that, intro, I am hoping you give this one 4 minutes of your time and watch the montage the Daily Show put together on the End of Days coverage that all of the networks are shoving out. The fear factory is running on all cylinders.


Ashley said...

Hey Will,

I love John Stewart. Have you read his book, America? Good stuff.

wilablog said...

Hi Ashley. We have that book too. I have only really skimmed it and read in small places. Definitely good stuff.Good to hear you are a fellow DS fan.

SINEDDIE said...

Jon Stewart was the bar tender when I saw Faith No More @ The City Gardens in Trenton NJ.
He worked there before he was famous. I could only get a soda, as I was only 18 at the time....But I said hello. At the time he was a local comedian.
It's a strange, strange world!

wilablog said...

Dude. That is a crazy story.