Monday, August 21, 2006

Coming Soon: Pick my Kicks!

Coming soon, Pick my Kicks!, brought to you by Nike ID and an old gift card that I have yet to use.

(Oops, sorry Mrs. Alm.)

The Nike ID website is worth some time killing if you have never checked this concept out.


Cool Hand Luke said...

So while letting my flow processor test run I thought I would check blogs. I'm listening to some nice quiet acoustic music on my headphones. I followed the Nike ID link and got the piss scared out of me when the site's music blared directly into my ears and ruined my wa. Thanks.

wilablog said...

Oops. Maybe next time I will post a warning about links that navigate to mood changing contexts... :-)

What is "wa"?

Did you desing any shoes while you were there?

Cool Hand Luke said...

Nah. Maybe I'll try today when I know what I'm getting into. Once my wa is over.

From Wikipedia
Wa (和) is a Japanese term.

Imported from Chinese, "Wa" originally meant harmony, peace, balance. It was a guiding concept in Japanese philosophy and culture with dozens of subtle different associated meanings. It is considered as the most important Japanese value.

wilablog said...

Cool deal. And here I thought it was just a typo...I should have known better.

SINEDDIE said...

Looks like you people read those thick wordy type books....yeah haw!
I thought the term "chi" was the relaxed state?