Monday, August 21, 2006

Get That Guy Off My Screen

I have said this before and I feel like a broken record. However, this is more about the steps I took to fix the problem than the problem itself, so bear with me for a moment. Or, just skip to the bottom list and pick up my 4 web surfing tips for the day.

I am sick of the exploitive and personal level news stories that invade my personal on-line space. Specifically, CNN just makes me want to puke. Over time I have tried using Google news but I actually found myself missing something about the CNN website layout. Yea, sad, I know. I think I missed the main picture that would automatically capture your attention. Until last week that is.

Last week: That damn JonBenet Ramsey story was all over the place. More sickening still was the constant barrage of photos showing John Karr. There is something about this whole thing that just turns my stomach. Corrective actions needed to be taken. Thus, I did the following:

1. Blocked all images from CNN using Firefox. If you don't use Firefox yet, here is reason one. I was able to successfully block all images from CNN.
2. Downloaded the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox. This is reason two to switch from IE. I have now blocked all adds on all web pages, including Flash. No more flashing dancing alligators trying to sell me deodorant.
3. I haven't seen one picture of that sicko alligator yet.
4. While I was at it, I picked up the FlashGot Firefox extension that now allows me to download all links (read: mp3) from a specific website with about 2 clicks. Nice. Reason three.

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Anonymous said...

Firefox rocks!!