Monday, August 07, 2006


So there is a restaurant in our town that opened within the last year that chose the name Yuki. It is a teppanyaki/sushi bar themed restaurant. Every time we have dinner there, we are the only ones in the place. It's kind of weird...although you have to think that they really chose a poor name for their business. I believe the name is supposed to be pronounced with a long 'U'. Unfortunately, it rolls off the tongue with a different sound.

They have also been in Grand Opening phase for a long time. Is there a shelf life on that claim? I would guess 3 months max.

The food is good and I believe it is more affordable than your standard teppanyaki gig. To be honest though, I have thus far refused to buy sushi from a place called Yuki. I have my doubts they have the marketing wherewithal to succeed.

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SINEDDIE said...

never eat where no one else ever eats.