Monday, February 16, 2009

The long wait ends...

At the end of my flight I had 9 text messages. They uploaded to my phone in the space of 6 or 7 seconds. In those seconds I experienced all the drama of an 80 minute HS soccer game as each text message hit.

They read as follows:

1. 1-0 lhs. ... scored 5 minutes in
2. 1-1. At 26 minute
3. Still 1-1. We've had 2 off the crossbar
4. 16 minutes left
5. 2-1 lhs. ... scored 15th minute
6. 3-1 acadiana red card
7. 4-1
8. Victory!!!
9. We.owned.them.

What an awesome way to end a flight. I wish I had been at the game but I am content knowing I will see us battle again in the semis.


Carlee said...

love it!

perhaps i will create my own log... but i can't claim the same drama...

wilablog said...

It was an interesting experience to see the text messages hit one at a time. Would have preferred to have been there.