Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Good Weekend

Two great weekends in a row. This weekend we were house sitting and dog sitting for a friend of ours. Thus, we got to bring a yellow lab into our new house (named Callie). I love dogs. I think that having a dog around our house just might have convinced us that it might be ok to have our own...we'll see. Another friend of ours has two rescued daschund puppies (actual picture to the right) that need a new home. A daschund is quite different than an lab though.

In addition to the visiting dog, more yard work was done, including about 2 hours of hedge trimming. Sunday night included 3 soccer games in a row (each 60 minutes long). It was s soccer marathon in about 90 degree weather, 87% humidity. It was a sweat fest with 2 wins and a tie.

Tomorrow, another trip north that includes both NJ and VA. After this week of travel though, I think I am home for about a month. Looking forward to that.


SINEDDIE said...

get the puppy dude!!!!
or two....they are small...

SINEDDIE said...

you gotta get them...too cute!!!