Monday, October 09, 2006

366 Days

One year ago yesterday, I was married to my wonderful wife. The 366 days since that moment have been incredible (hectic...but incredible). In honor of that day, I thought I would share a picture as well as post the description I wrote about Carlee prior to the wedding (on our Knot wedding website).A description of Carlee:
It's a pretty daunting task to sit down and attempt to describe Carlee. Not sure who the audience is: those who know her (and are interested in hearing how I describe her) or those who have never met her before, and of course, Carlee will read this so I need to be careful.

For those who know her and are reading this because you are curious as to how I would describe her, the simple introduction is that Carlee has literally changed my life. Who knew that one day I would pack a U-Haul and move to Louisiana out of the blue because of a chance encounter at a Journey/Foreigner concert? I don't even want to leave the house during the week. Carlee, like no one else, has the ability to draw me into a whirlwind of activity and experience emotions, places, things, and people that I would never encounter if it were not for her. Her passion for exploration clashes perfectly with my passion for inertia.

For those of you who don't know her, Carlee is the consummate friend. If you need someone to pause whatever they are doing, listen, and lend a helping hand, if it is in her power, she's right there for you. Compassionate, unselfish, caring, perceptive, intelligent, insatiably curious about life, people, and current events - all adjectives that fit. Carlee is modest enough to know that there is something to learn from every person and situation, yet confident enough to apply her perspective to that same moment. For me, she is without a doubt, a partner in all that I do. Carlee continues to inspire me and there is no better relationship than those that challenge and push the other to grow as a person.

If this is Carlee reading this, then just remember to read this next time I forget to take out the recycling. ;-)


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