Monday, October 02, 2006 a drink ring on some magazine

(Click on the picture for a larger image of the CD cover. Track listing is also in text below.)

This one is for SINEDDIE. It's in the mail tomorrow morning. Stay strong.

…in a drink ring on some magazine

1. Whip Ass † Ray
2. Punkrocker (Featuring Iggy Pop) † Teddybears
3. Click Click Click Click † Bishop Allen
4. Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking † Snow Patrol
5. Wolf Like Me † TV on the Radio
6. Busted † The Black Keys
7. Fortress † Pinback
8. Enough to Get Away † Joseph Arthur
9. Penny On The Train Track † Ben Kweller
10. Junkyard † Page France
11. Breathe † Dan Bern
12. Drink Ring Jesus † Stephen Simmons
13. Fixing Everything † Day Action Band
14. O Valencia! † The Decemberists
15. Peace & Hate † The Submarines
16. She's Just That Kind Of Girl † Lucero
17. Staring at the Sun † TV On the Radio
18. All Cried Out † Fink
19. Genie, Genie † Eric Bachmann
20. Holy Cow † Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s
21. All I Need † Mat Kearney


Anonymous said...

I like the Ben Kweller track. It is catchy and sticks with me, but not in a bad way. Did you put in the original, or one o fhte remixes of Ray's ass whippin' tune?

wilablog said...

I'm all about the original ass whippin.

Jarita said...

(raising the roof)

SINEDDIE said...

looks very cool....
I have a special section of Will CD mixes...
I also have one big MP3 cdr at work w/ like 20 of your mixes on it. I listen to it weeks at a time.

SINEDDIE is smiling!!!