Monday, October 16, 2006

Danny Malone

I came across Danny Malone via songs:illinois, part of the daily music blog list that I check out. The song that made me go to his actual website and do a little more reading was I Am Not Alive, which you can get at this post at songs:illinois. The music has a southern indie rock vibe with a little bit of piano and a little bit of angst. Danny's website has a few tracks available for download as well so check it out.

He seems to be playing a lot in Austin and has a show in San Antonio and Little Rock coming up. I wonder if he will ever come to Lafayette...

The road is dark and dirt and windy
the moon and stars are all that I have
because out here no one can find me
and I am never going back
i wish to god that i could write home
to ease my momma's worried mind
but i promised myself long ago
that i'd leave everyone behind

I think I got these lyrics right.

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