Thursday, October 12, 2006

Armadillo Fag Convention

I normally wouldn't use such a politically incorrect term in a post, let alone a post title, but I am doing so here because it is a quote that sums up a certain sentiment held by my U-16 boys soccer team. You see, this afternoon (weather permitting), I have scheduled a scrimmage between my U-16 team and my adult co-ed soccer team. The adult team is called AFC and I have had to tell countless people that the 3 letters stand for nothing. I just made up the name because I have always wanted to be part of a soccer club with FC (football club) in the name.

My U-16 team is extremely confident that they are going to kill my adult team today. I really have no idea what to expect other than having a blast. I can't wait to play. The kids were not satisfied with my lack of detail when explaining the name of the team and thus they picked the "Armadillo Fag Convention." In the spirit of a teenage kid who knows it all, they think this is very funny. Oh well. We'll see who is laughing when the final whistle blows.

One last note. I am not so sure my adult team is as confident as the kids. Here is a snippet of one email from a player on AFC:

"I can make it, and I've been thinking about this game for some time...16 year old boys can definitely kick our ass."


SINEDDIE said...

the adult should wear t-shirts w/ pele on it that reads "
old skool"

rc said...

The biggest advantage they will have over you is thier ability to run for 90 minutes without really getting too winded. But you know what, it is really hard to run when you keep getting hacked in tht ankles...And don't worry, they just don't understand the poise that comes with being a seasoned veteran, which does count for something.

wilablog said...

I think stamina won in the end...however, I think that the adult team will adust their tactics a little if we ever meet them again. The scary thing is that they will just keep getting better. We will just keep getting older.

Jarita said...

Let's play them again soon, before they have a chance to get much stronger. It was a fun game!