Friday, October 13, 2006

Tim Fite - Away From the Snakes

Yea. I like some odd music and this falls into that category. Tim Fite is described by 3hive as "a little bit rock 'n' roll; he's a little bit hip-hop. He's straight outta Brooklyn." This description works as good as any I could come up with. I have repeated this song 5 times in the last hour (keep reading if cursing does not offend).

heaven's to betsy
the man's out to get me
he's raising my rent and
he's taking my money

while the rich get rich
well us poor don't get shit
except shit on by rich men
shit on by women
and shit on by everyone
is there a place where
i can go where the rich don't get
rich and the poor don't get shit on

Yea. I know. This may not inspire you to watch the video below. But maybe you will anyway. After all, the song was good enough for me to listen to 5 times in a row.

1 comment:

SINEDDIE said...

I hope the music is better, because the lyrics bite.