Friday, October 13, 2006

A Win-Win Proposition

So the big game between my adult team and my U-16 team was last night. The kids won the game 4-3. It was a great match. We (the adults), went down 2-0, came back and tied it 2-2 about 10 minutes into the 2nd half. We then went down 4-2. Then we came back to 4-3. Unfortunately, time ran out before we could stage a second come back.

The most interesting thing about this game was the chance to compete against the team I coach. I have never had a chance to really do this and I really appreciated the opportunity to see them from this new perspective. Overall, I felt really proud of their style of play - their speed of play was great, one/two touch ball most of the game, and they were communicating really well. It was awesome to see. They also handled the environment of playing against women and older men with a lot of maturity...which made me really happy.

I don't know how many games I have played in my career that I can honestly say this about: No matter which team won, I was going to feel like I won. Granted, I wish the result was different because I never like to personally end up on the losing side of the scoreline..but to see my kids compete with that level of talent, skill, and maturity was a great reward as a coach.

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