Wednesday, November 28, 2007

David Beckham Goal, LA Galaxy Vs. Sydney FC

The LA Galaxy are on tour...or rather, David Beckham is on tour with the LA Galaxy. The Galaxy recently played Sydney FC and lost 5-3. What did the 80,000+ people come to the stadium to see? Perhaps this fine strike from Becks. Unreal.

The consistency that Beckham has on his free kicks is awesome. Pure and simple. One shot, one goal.


pele1410 said...

That's why he's the man. Although it would've been that much better had he done the Cantona celebration.

the whiskey said...


Good to see more soccer posts here. I directed a friend to your blog because I knew he'd love the soccer talk but then. . . along came Jozy to steal center stage.

retired said...

That's why he is the $200 MILLION DOLLAR MAN!

wilablog said...

Whiskey: I think you are just jealous of Jozy because she gets to sit in your chair and listen to me complain about Meredith. :-)