Friday, November 23, 2007

Ladies of the House

So far so good. We had a couple of setbacks with Jozy on her first day here but since then she has been doing great. This morning she even brought in the paper (with a little encouragement). We took her to a lake yesterday - it was the first body of water she has ever seen. After attacking the small waves and getting nice and cold, she was ready to run through the woods with me chasing after her like a mad man. We went on a little jog as well, right before all of the Thanksgiving festivities started. As a result of the long day, she slept right through Thanksgiving dinner and didn't beg for Turkey once!

Yesterday was so full of turkey and exercise that the ladies of the house are now all passed out sleeping on the couch. It's tough to see her, but Jozy is in the bottom right of the photo above.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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