Monday, November 12, 2007


So we finally named our dog! Let me re-introduce you to Jozy (pronounced like Josie). She had an action packed weekend that all started with her first bath. As you can tell, she really enjoyed it.

Other milestones from Jozy's first weekend:

1. First trip to the vet. So far, she has a clean bill of health but is a few weeks away from settling into a regular vet pattern. We are giving her some basic medicine and she is going back for shots and other fun stuff in the future.

2. First soccer game. She had a blast at the HS jamboree. So much so, that after the first 60 minutes she was collapsed on her side passed out.

3. First dog attack. Some of our friends brought their dog over on Sunday and Jozy was not very friendly. Elvis (the visiting dog) started the introduction by sniffing Jozy's face. Jozy returned the favor by trying to bite off his nose. We think that Jozy had it tough in the pound and may still be in the "fight for survival" mindset. Alternatively, she may have been protecting her brand new home. Either way, we'll have to figure this one out.

4. First crying child. She appears to be awesome with kids and plays with them really well, which is awesome. However, she is also very excited about nibbling anything she can get her paws on...which evidently includes the hair of my friend retired's daughter. Lucy was a big fan up until that point.

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