Friday, November 09, 2007


I had the opportunity to introduce Ms. Himperdink (this is a fictional name for our nameless dog based on a comment from the whiskey) to the maids who come by our house to help keep it clean. She promptly ran up to them and pee'd at their feet. She has impeccable timing.

Here's an unrelated photo of Himperdink eating the gargoyle in our backyard.

On a semi-related note, I think the title of this post represents a mis-use of the term "serendipity," at least as it relates to Himperdink's urination at the feet of the cleaning lady. However, it became a name candidate for me when I thought about it...lots of syllables though. We did meet Himperdink in a serendipitous fashion, in that we went to the rescue shelter looking for a specific dog (who ended up not being there). In her place was Serendipity.


Susan said...

I think you shouls go for it and call her "sere" which would sound like Sarah.

She is adorable!

the whiskey said...

I love it when Grey's Anatomy episodes parallel your life! Last night's episode included a couple with a recently adopted baby whom that had not yet named, and I thought of you guys!!

the whiskey said...

If you're still collecting name suggestions, I think that "Bella" could work well.

SINEDDIE said...

go with sarah.....

"sara smile......"
insert hall and oates reference here

Anonymous said...

At least when y'all have kids you will have the 9 months of pick out a name. Kinda like Sere or Seren though.

Kira said...

I think you should give it a real name! "Sere" should sound nice!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - Will

November 11

Love from Arkansas