Sunday, November 18, 2007

silvery, silvery citibank lights

I'm not sure why many of you would be excited about the release of a long overdue Monthly Mix...seeing as I still have a pile of envelopes and boxes with your names on them, all filled with "...the plot that you passed." But still, here she is. And I'll head to the post office before I head out of town for Thanksgiving. I promise.

1. Bread & Water «» Ryan Bingham
2. Down Together «» The Refreshments
3. Australia «» The Shins
4. The Opposite of Hallelujah «» Jens Lekman
5. The General Specific «» Band of Horses
6. Images «» The Selmanaires
7. Livin' In the Future «» Bruce Springsteen
8. Black «» Okkervil River
9. The River «» Josh Ritter
10. Incredibly Drunk On Whiskey «» Memphis
11. Breakdown «» Jack Johnson
12. The Other Side «» Ryan Bingham
13. God and Money «» The Ike Reilly Assassination
14. Mistaken For Strangers «» The National
15. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands «» Band of Horses
16. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere «» Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
17. Guyamas Sonora «» Beirut
18. Time Is A Lion «» Joe Henry
19. Blue Collar Suicide «» The Refreshments
20. I Predict A Riot «» Kaiser Chiefs


Tonya said...

That's a helluva mix you put together there! I've been digging the new Bingham immensely myself.

wilablog said...

Thanks! I never heard of Bingham until last month. I really like these two songs.

the whiskey said...

I'm always excited for the monthly mix! I like to live vicariously.

wilablog said...

Hopefully you'll get a copy before the new year :-)

SINEDDIE said...

A Blades of Blue mix rec'd in the mail is a joyfull day.
They always flow so well...not sure if you try to do that or not, but they tend to do so anyway.
Plus I get to hear some new bands. It's all good!

SINEDDIE said...

the refreshments....I love the refreshments.....