Friday, April 13, 2007


Coach: So do you guys have any insight into the game last week? Any thoughts as to why you lost?
Player: You cheated.
Coach: How's that?
Player: You have two Mexicans on your team. And one has gold hoop earrings and a mullay.
Coach: A mullay?
Player: Yeah, a mullay (punctuated by him patting the back of his neck).
Coach: That's called a mullet.
Player: It's still cheating.


the whiskey said...


I missed the post about AFC beating your boys. That's great!!!

And who has the mullet?

(I LOVE that they pronounce is "mullay." Oh, those crazy Cajuns!!)

Luke said...

"mullay"...That is hilarious.

Anonymous said...


wilablog said...

The guy with the mullet is new to the team (Luis). I potentially have a photo but my external hard drive fell off my desk so I may have lost it...not sure.

I love the cajun pronunciation of mullet (this may be more of an individual thing though since the other guys corrected him as well). It sounds sophisticated and elevates the hair style to its old grandeur.

the whiskey said...

It'd be great if out of some twisted logic your boys decided to grow mullets (I mean, "greaux mullays") to help give them an edge in soccer games.

No need to post Luis' picture. . . I was just wondering if someone I knew had had a different hairstyle now.

Jim said...

That's funny, mullay. Kids these days, what are they teaching them!

Anonymous said...

viva la mullay!
everything comes back around....
now it's time for me to grow mine back!!
soccer players always tend to have long hair anyway, don't they???

wilablog said...

Don't grow it back.

Anonymous said...

ok...i won't...since you put it so
a going gray mullet is not the ting to do