Monday, April 30, 2007

District Weekend Update 2

Our second game was not as exciting as the first - I lost count after we were up 6-0. Historically, we play poorly against weaker opponents. I take it as a good sign that we showed no sign of letting up during our second game.

We are through to the State Quarterfinals. The next game is on Saturday. Roll Thunder.


Jim said...

Are all these games local? Do you ever play near Shreveport? I'm not much of the soccer fan but if I were close by I wouldn't mind seeing your team play.

wilablog said...

We were actually scheduled to play in Monroe this past weekend but the state moved the games. We're in Baton Rouge this weekend...which is a little bit of a trip. That would be cool if you ever got a chance to stop by :-)

Anonymous said...

play in jersey...i'll be
what's this i hear of you playing in a game w/ James?