Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Door Swings Both Ways

Well my brother and his wife had their moment of fame and appeared on HGTV this past week. If it hasn't happened to you before, it is kind of weird to see your sibling on TV. Pretty neat actually. He and his wife did a good job and despite what I pictured, the bike riding and fruit salad making scenes actually weren't all that bad. The weirdest part was when they demonstrated their door for the viewing audience. You kind of have to see it to understand.

I've had one loyal reader of Blades of Blue send me a note saying, "Now I feel like I’m old buddies with James. I’ve toured his house and seen his awesome orange refrigerator."

So congrats to my brother and his wife! Nice job on the house.

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SINEDDIE said...

ok...who wants to send me a copy of this?
I am a tool and forgot to watch....