Monday, April 16, 2007

Heading into Playoffs

The co-ed and U-16 soccer seasons are headed into the playoff stretch. We have one regular season co-ed game left and I believe we have already qualified for the final 4 so the game is only relevant for placement in the finals (and pride). I have uploaded photos of this past weekend's games to my Flickr account and created a co-ed collection. You can access the photo's by clicking this link. I had 2 assists and 2 goals this past weekend - which just might be a personal best for me.

The U-16's had two scrimmages this past weekend and we are headed into the last 2 weeks of practice as we prepare for the big district tournament in New Orleans. We have a tough road ahead of us if we want to repeat our championship run of last year. However, we have an excellent group so I am confident that if we play to our potential we will get it done.


rc said...


1. Is #17 wearing 2 different colored socks (one black / one white)? Unacceptable. He should get bladed for such a horrible slap in the face to the soccer uniform.

2. Labar looks like Zidane in that photo.

wilablog said...

1. Actually, in both of those photo's, the other team is wearing bi-color socks. It struck me as odd as well.

2. Anytime you want to compare me to Zidane, feel free.

retired said...

Who is the bald guy!?!?!?!?!

wilablog said...

That's Zidane.

the whiskey said...

Go AFC!!!!

Who are you against in the playoffs?