Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flickr Football: The Crest

In honor of AC Milan's advancement to the Champions League semi's (they defeated Bayern Munich today), today's Flickr find is the AC Milan crest. I used to watch AC Milan with my father on Sunday and was a huge fan of theirs back when Ruud Gullit was on the team (along with Van Basten and Rijkard). For baseball fans that is the equivalent of remembering the days when Mattingly, Winfield and Righetti were playing for the Yanks.

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Steve Amoia said...

Those were the salad days of AC Milan. It is interesting that all three went on to become coaches. I read an interview with Marco Van Basten a few years ago. He, Gullit, and Rijkard spoke Italian to each other to ease their assimilation.

You probably know this, but the name and logo for AC Milan came from British residents of Milan. In 1899, they formed the "Milan Athletic and Cricket Club." Even in Italian broadcasts, the English word of "Milan" is always used. Not "Milano."

It would be nice to see Paolo Maldini and Billy Costacurta win their 5th European/Champions League Cup. It will be a difficult road, although in 2005, Milan won both games against Manchester United.

wilablog said...

"salad days" - I've never heard that phrase. I missed Baresi, which considering my career as a sweeper, is a pretty big oversight. He was excellent.

I might end up cheering for Man U in that over the last year or so I have become vested in English soccer. Unfortunately, and I haven't figured out why yet, the Italian league has lost some luster for me.

Steve Amoia said...

Salad days was a Shakespearean phrase. Franco Baresi was a Milanese legend. When they were demoted to Serie B, he went down with them. Many forget that during the 94 WC Final, he missed a penalty kick. Although Roberto Baggio carries the historic "blame" for that loss. Which is illogical and a somewhat unfortunate legacy. That PK was the only one he ever missed playing for Italy.

When Juventus returns to the Serie A, it should restore some of the luster. Not that I can be objective. ;-) If you look at who has won the Golden Ball over the last 15 or 20 years, a greater percentage played in the Serie A than in the EPL or La Liga.

But one would be hard pressed to argue against the quality and excitement of the EPL. Three teams in the final four of the Champions League, and the league itself is televised to over 180 countries around the world.

Anonymous said...

just don't let rags throw a fastball on a 3-2 count....and it's a high fly's got the distance...and the yanks are down one to nothing...